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We Have important news for all of you who deserve the best of the best.

We know that many of you are looking forward to the release of Pulang : Insanity on 25 – 02 – 2020.

But We take a tough decision to move a little bit of the release date to 13 – 03 – 2020.


We are making this tough decision in order to give ourselves a few 2 weeks to Fix some minor Bugs to make you feel enjoy playing Pulang: Insanity. As Gamers ourselves, We know this is very important and we don't want to disappoint our fans, We also want to apply Bahasa, Chinese and Korean versions correctly launch together with English version. As an apology for everyone who already pre-ordered the game, will get the Free ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.

Finally with this little move, We could make this game launch on 13 – 03 – 2020 and could be enjoyed together by all of you and experience Pulang: Insanity that Inspired from true event unique and rich story from Borneo Island – Indonesia.


Thank you for all of your patience and support.

See You All On

13 - 03 - 2020

Inspired from a True Story

In Borneo Island - Indonesia

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The Scariest Indonesian horror game! Only for people who have guts!

- Duniaku.Net

Pulang: Insanity is the hottest candidate for winning the prize of most accurate representation of Southeast Asia.


Both Pulang:Insanity and Hari Esok are the best looking Indonesian games so far!

- Jalantikus

Very promising game with high quality visuals, excellent audio design and great use of the Indonesian setting/folklore.

- Alphabetagamer

A Mysterious serial killings?

In a small town in the depth of Borneo Island, over 18 people mysteriously died. It happened every 3 months on the day of the 21st. Everyone assumes that this is a case of serial killings, but not a single evidence has been found about it. Many consider that it is a curse, a practice of black magic. 

The Devil is Here, Inside you.

Pulang: Insanity is a psychological horror game set in the mythical culture of Indonesia.

This horror game with a hideous atmosphere aims to make a dreadful ambiance even when there is no enemy at the level.


With a different style of interactive puzzle, the players will experience a different horror atmosphere from any other horror game.

The “Pesugihan” Ritual

The Pesugihan is a ritual to earn wealth instantly without doing any work-related. It needs a fairly big amount of sacrifices with human souls every 3 months, on the day of the 21st. This ritual can be concluded only if the contract given by Devil is signed by the pleader. Once the contract signed, an insane amount of money will come out of nowhere and will keep appearing until it piles up.


The Most Authentic folklore based game.  The story Pulang: Insanity is written based on researches about Indonesian folklore. We used a variety of real sources as a reference and arranged it scenes by scene. We even interviewed people who claimed to have been involved in various cases of Pesugihan. You can have a look at the Pesugihan ritual through this Wikipedia page.


A game with no jumpscares and overly loud audios. We want to make a horror game with a hideous atmosphere, to make a dreadful ambiance even when there is no enemy at the level.

  • A Dynamic Psychological Terror 
  • Old School Inventory System 
  • Wide Variety of location and area


  • A unique storyline inspired by horrific facts found in Indonesia
  • The world of Pulang: Insanity is built based on authentic Indonesian environment
  • Enjoy explanations to increase your knowledge about dark culture in Indonesia
  • You will directly face the most terrifying creatures which are ready to bring your worst nightmares

Supported Languages Interface Full Audio Subtitles
Bahasa Indonesia -
German -
Japanese -
Korean -
Russian -
French -
Simplified Chinese -
Traditional Chinese -

System requirements



Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


WINDOWS 7,8,8.1,10 64-BIT


Intel Core i3-530




NVIDIA GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7850

DirectX/Graphics API

Version 11

Additional Notes

Targeting 720p 30fps